One Pot Meal You Can Eat for Days: Beef Brisket

This is my Mother-in-law’s brisket recipe. A perfect one pot meal if you are eating high fat, high protein, low carb.  Your whole family will gobble it up – kids too.

The left overs are THE BEST. Cook this on a Sunday when you have time to hang around the kitchen. Use your local butcher’s expertise to help you select the right cut of meat. I buy a “double” for the extra fat and flavour. Read More

My Emotional Wellness Survey: How do you Cope?

Sad woman painted in blue. A Pablo Picasso.

Please consider completing my survey. Emotional Wellness Survey

We all suffer. How we manage emotional turmoil, how we cope and where we struggle differs. These differences are fascinating. As a naturopath, I get a peek inside the lives of everyday Canadians and I’ve been surprised by how many of us struggle with our mental emotional wellness. I want to get to the bottom of it. Why do so many of us feel so crappy much of the time? Read More

When Natural Medicine Just Won’t Work

Sometimes I disappoint my patients. There are times when patients come to me because they want to use natural medicine to heal themselves and I have to be honest and tell them it just isn’t going to work. This is especially prevalent in my Caribbean patient population. They recall a great-auntie that had a bush tea that could cure anything. It’s a big letdown when I refer them back to their doctor for pills or surgery. Read More

Black Lives Matter: Black Women & Their Hormones

The political movement “Black Lives Matter” has been trying to highlight the differences in the way Black people are treated by law enforcement. In my day to day work I see a different racial disparity, one of health. Concerns that are unique to Black people are not as well researched or treated. Nowhere is this more obvious to me than Black females and their hormonal health. Years of painful periods culminate in hysterectomies all too often. The underlying cause of hormonal imbalance is not well addressed and rarely named. Estrogen dominance is the problem and it affects Black women in record numbers unbeknownst to them. Read More