Why I LOVE Helping Women Lose Weight!

A woman and her weight. Has there ever been a more tumultuous relationship? Before beginning my EVOLVE program I didn’t realize that it was common for a woman to think about her weight every single day, and sometimes multiple times per day. And for a select few women it was in the back of their mind almost all day. Read More

My breakout/breakdown

Two weeks ago I woke up like any other morning, checked out my slightly puffy morning face in the mirror and realized my skin had literally exploded. Like a pepperoni pizza on steroids my skin was covered in acne. Immediately I sprung into naturopathic investigation mode. Why oh why was I reverting back to pubescent days needing clearasil and astringent? Read More

The Calcium Conundrum

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body. The majority, 99% of it, is found in bone. The remaining 1% has the important job of regulating the relaxation of our blood vessels, helping us secrete insulin and assisting with muscle contraction. All vital to our well being! Read More

Eat Real Food: Kale Chips

Kale chips with a garlic, spiced yogurt dip

I admit, kale chips sound like something only a health food nut would enjoy. Not so, dear skeptic! They are yummy, crunchy, salty and satisfying. As well as being a source of iron and fibre! It’s a win win. Your body’s happy and so are your taste buds.

Nutrition coach Jessica has added a dip recipe. I’d probably finish eating the chips before I made the dip. But, she has more discipline than I do. You probably do too. So try the dip!