I strongly believe in the power of a good referral.

Assembling a health team is a great way to safe guard your health.

Use this list of clinics, health professionals and resources to create a collaborative-health team.

Family Doctors

Dr. Jacob MD –

Dr. Newman MD –

Dr. Gupta MD – functional medicine and pain management, downtown Toronto –

Bio Identical Hormones

Dr. Gibb MD –


Bharat Oza –

Mike Cicinelli –!about-shedmaster/c6e

Paul Thurton –


Drs. Seguin DC & Dallaire DC-

Dr. McKay DC –

Naturopathic Cancer Care

Dr. Gu ND!our-providers/c1jv0

Dr. Lee ND!our-providers/c1jv0

Pain clinic

Dr. Sandhu MD –

Allevio Clinic-

Chiropodist (Podiatrist)

Todd Hrycyshyn –

Registered Massage Therapist

Melissa Boers –

Joanne Miethke –

Osteopathic Medicine

Alvin Brown –

Craig Harness –

Allergy Reversal – Holistic Nutriton

Nancy Metcalf –

Counselling Services

John Schurmann MSW –