Metabolic repair for lasting weight loss


Master your Metabolism

Many people feel limited by their body weight. Doomed to a life of slow metabolism, easy weight gain and tough weight loss diets and exercise regimes.

Societal pressures make us feel like we have to fit into a body image stereotype. I will help you to find a weight that works for you.

Eating carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the right quantities at the right times means you can completely reshape your body and your metabolism. No particular food is off limits.

  • You can train your body to burn fat for fuel

Your body can learn to use fat as a source of energy on a daily basis. People who struggle with excess fat mass have adapted to using sugar (glucose) as their primary energy source. Body fat just sits there, often accumulating year after year.

This program retrains your metabolism meaning you can treat yourself and not gain weight. Feel the ease and joy of being in control of your weight.

  • The program is backed by scientific evidence

Many research studies verify that eating fat, protein and carbohydrates in the right way at the right times is the key to successful weight loss and metabolism repair. Hormonal balance is also critical for easy weight maintenance.

You will learn about your own unique metabolism and how you can put your body into ketosis, a fat burning state. When you do this consistently your body becomes a fat burning machine. With the right guidance anyone can get their weight under control.

  • Remove hormone barriers.

You can do everything under the sun to lose weight but if you are hormonally sabotaged, you will be perpetually frustrated.

I test and correct hormone imbalances to help you optimize your metabolism.

Learn more about the hormones I test

  • A personal touch ensures your success

I perform a comprehensive intake, order blood work and coach you one-on-one through the entire program. I take a hands-on approach to helping you lose weight. Thirteen visits with me are included. Additional support is available. I want everyone to be successful.

A sustainable plan allows you to have a relaxed relationship with food. You don’t want to be left out of joyous occasions; eating kale and seeds while people are breaking bread.

This plan has wide reaching health benefits from cancer risk reduction to Alzheimer’s disease prevention. It’s not a crash diet. When you are empowered to master your metabolism you will no longer need to rely on a program, or even my help to control you weight. Every aspect of this plan is designed to make your life and health better.

EVOLVE 2.0 is designed as a 12 week program. The initial intake involves a physical exam, urine test and you will be sent for hormone and metabolic testing. Follow-ups are once weekly and support is available via phone and email to keep you on track.

TOTAL COST = $1800. Speak to your insurance provider regarding your naturopathic coverage.

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Are you eating the right breakfast for your metabolism?