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If you're feeling frustrated with your health, confused by what are the right next steps to take, I'm here to guide you back to health.

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For over 12 years, I have been helping the following conditions.

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About Me: Your Health Advocate

Hi! I’m Dr Lydia,

Even when you have a strong desire to find health, putting the pieces together is not always simple. If you are overwhelmed with information or stuck, having tried various approaches to solve your health problems I can help.

As an advocate for your health, I am in your corner when you need objective, grounded advice.

While I treat many conditions, focusing on weight loss was a response to seeing patients struggling with chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and mood disorders. Reversing a chronic health condition is a big win for my patient! I love bearing witness to major shifts in people’s lives. Read more on why I love treating weight loss.

While no two conditions are exactly alike, there are strong ties that bind us. We all struggle and have an innate desire to succeed. My practice thrives on diversity and I’ve had the gift of seeing people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and ages. I’m fascinated by the way families pass on health patterns. I encourage my patients to acknowledge their history as a factor in their wellbeing.

I love to cook and travel and find joy in life’s funny moments. To care for my own health. I reluctantly meditate and run. If I can do it, you can too!

My Education

Bachelor of Applied Science in Nutrition, minor in Family Support & Communication (BaSc. Honours)
Licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Ontario (ND #1821)
Specialized training in weight loss with the team at Dr. E Schwartz MD & P. Smith MD