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Metabolic repair for lasting weight loss

Master your Metabolism. Stop feeling stuck and frustrated with your weight.

Many people feel limited by their body weight. Doomed to a life of slow metabolism, easy weight gain and severe weight loss diets and exercise regimes.

Here’s a secret no one talks about – many overweight individuals eat healthy food! People that struggle with their weight are often MORE conscious of food choices than patients who have been thin all of their lives. They feel guilty when they eat chow mein noodles, french fries or candy. They wonder what’s wrong with them. Everyone else seems to be able to enjoy these foods. Why are they destined to gain weight if they even look at a box of chocolates?

I’ve had patients cry in my office. They are exhausted. They feel heavy and low energy. Their body hurts. Shopping for clothes isn’t fun like it used to be when they were thinner. Weight is more than just physical. It takes a mental and emotional toll as well.

You can find a weight that works for you. You can have a relaxed relationship with food and feel confident that you are making the right decisions for your metabolism. No more all or nothing diets. Highly restrictive diets that cause you to binge and crave carbs like crazy don’t work.

I’ve worked with hundreds of people to help them lose weight, myself included!

Burn stubborn belly fat for energy. 

Your body can learn to use fat as a source of energy on a daily basis. People who struggle with excess fat mass have adapted to using sugar (glucose) as their primary energy source. Body fat sits there, often accumulating year after year.

EVOLVE 2.0 retrains your metabolism, meaning you can treat yourself and not feel guilty anymore. Feel the ease and joy of being in control of your weight.

Get off the weight loss rollercoaster.

Have you tried cutting calories and carbs? Counting points and reading labels? Bootcamps and personal trainers? For many of the people I work with they’ve tried multiple times to lose weight; only to regain it with feelings of frustration and guilt.

You will learn about your unique metabolism and how you can put your body into ketosis, a fat-burning state. When you do this consistently your body becomes a fat burning machine. With the right guidance, anyone can get their weight under control.

Remove hormone barriers that keep you stuck.

You can do everything under the sun to lose weight, but if your hormones sabotage you, you will feel perpetually frustrated.

I test and correct hormone imbalances to help you optimize your metabolism.

Learn more about the hormones I test

A personal touch ensures your success.

You need a hands-on approach to coach you through the weight loss process. Once you get the hang of this, it’s like riding a bike. I want everyone to be successful, and you will feel supported throughout this journey. We run lots of tests to ensure that you prime your body for fat burning.

A sustainable plan allows you to have a relaxed relationship with food. You don’t want to be left out of joyous occasions; eating kale and seeds while people are breaking bread. Every aspect of this plan is designed to make your life and health better. No more preparing separate healthy meals for yourself, while your family eats differently. Who has time for that? I know I don’t.

EVOLVE 2.0 is a 12-week program. The initial intake involves a physical exam, urine test and you will receive hormone and metabolic testing. Follow-ups are once weekly, and support is available via phone and email to keep you on track.

My name is Dr. Lydia, and I help people lose weight and master their metabolism. In my early 20’s I was pre-diabetic with a lot of excess belly fat. Even while studying nutrition, I struggled with my weight. Naturopathy school didn’t teach me what I know now about metabolism and weight loss. I had to study with doctors in the U.S. and do hundreds of hours of research. Let me help make this journey more comfortable for you.

You stay stuck when you:

  • Eat in a way that you don’t like.
  • Highly restrict calories leaving you STARVING and BINGEING.
  • Depend on protein shakes and bars to get through your days.
  • Neglect to consider the family and social bonding that happens over food. Why should you have to miss out?

The missing piece of the puzzle is your metabolism. If you do the same thing you’ve always done, you’ll get the same thing you’ve always gotten. Time for a new approach – focused on you and what you need to be successful. No more fitting into a plan, you need a plan that fits you!

This program is not for you:

  • If you are looking to lose 10 lbs in 10 days.
  • If you can’t commit your focus for three months
  • If you aren’t coachable, we have to work together on this
  • You want to look like a bodybuilder. EVOLVE 2.0 is a moderate program to help you obtain a healthy body fat to muscle ratio.

Imagine finally feeling free. Waking up every morning and knowing that you can eat food you enjoy and keep a body you enjoy. Imagine exercise feeling much more comfortable, no more sore knees. Imagine feeling confident you’re eating the right things. No more scouring google for answers, or ordering supplements and shakes that don’t work.

It’s up to you to take action. Book a complimentary 10-minute discovery call to determine if EVOLVE 2.0 is suitable for you. 

EVOLVE 2.0 is for people that need a program focused on them and their unique needs. This program is for people that already feel like they eat healthily and are confused why they struggle with their weight while they watch other people eating french fries, rice, and pasta seemingly without any weight gain.

TOTAL COST = $1800. Speak to your insurance provider regarding your naturopathic coverage.

EVOLVE 2.0 includes:

  • Body composition measurements to ensure you are losing fat, not muscle.
  • Hormone testing to ensure you aren’t being sabotaged
  • Metabolic testing to determine how carb sensitive you are
  • 1 on 1 coaching with Dr. Lydia ND


family eating dinner at the table

Better Weight Loss

  • Long term sustainability
  • FIgure out your metabolism
  • Get tested for metabolism sabotagers
  • Get support & understanding