My Reasons for Focusing on Weight Loss

When I first began my practice, weight loss was the most difficult condition for me to treat. The obvious solution of “eat less and move more” that I’d been taught at university didn’t work for many of my patients. I saw their frustration and knew I had to help. My personal experience of being at risk of weight gain gave me the empathy to take on the challenge.

  1. Weight loss has an immediate impact on patients’ well-being and self-esteem.

Feeling comfortable with your body builds confidence. When people feel overweight, they shy away from being seen. When the excess weight is gone, people blossom. They speak up in meetings, where before they would have been shy. They have better sex. They try new activities. Food doesn’t control them. They know their own bodies and feel proud that they are taking care of themselves.

  1. Losing fat mass and building lean muscle reduces your risk of disability and death.

Your quality of life matters. Each of us wants to be active, energized and connected. The best determinant of longevity is the amount of lean muscle mass you have on your body. Build muscle and ditch fat to live as well and as long as you can.

  1. I am at risk of metabolic syndrome and weight gain.

As a teenager I was at risk for diabetes, in my 20’s I had high blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol. This was a wake-up call for me.

Exercise and good food are critical for my health and I feel passionate about helping others gain control of their health too.

  1. Weight loss is tricky.

After years of practice and countless hours of research, I’ve learned a lot. My weight loss strategy is built on science and clinical experience. Losing weight is a tough task on your own. Trust me, I’ve tried. Getting your metabolism under control requires balance – hormonal, dietary and emotional balance. Let me help you.

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