Six Reasons People Choose My Evolve Weight Loss Program

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For the past two years I’ve had a steady stream of patients choose me to help them on their weight loss journey. It’s an honour and a lot of fun for me to watch someone transform their body and many times their nutrition, health and overall outlook on life.

There are six reasons patients choose and refer other people to my practice.

  1. I help people lose weight in the right places – my technique sheds belly fat and maintains muscle mass so people lose inches and feel great in clothes and bathing suits.
  2. I’m not the food police – I don’t shame you into reform. I support, I encourage, I keep it real and I have a sense of humour. Losing weight is hard enough. Negativity has no place in a weight loss practice.
  3. I understand that life happens – You don’t live in a bubble. You can’t focus 100% of your life on losing weight. I help you strike a balance so you can relax and still see results.
  4. I am conscious of ways that you can be sabotaged – everything from a perfectionist mindset to hormone dysfunction is on the agenda. If something is blocking your weight loss I’m here to help you become aware of it and make changes, if you’re ready.
  5. I GET RESULTS! – People lose lots of weight and inches with me. Without feeling like they want to eat their left arm.
  6. Trust – I only sign up patients that are appropriate for my program. I don’t try to “sell” my program to anyone and everyone and therefore I attract the patients that are right for me. Your wellbeing is my #1 priority and if you aren’t right for my program I have no problem referring you to someone else that can help.

Yay! If you are having trouble losing weight. Come on in for a free 10 minute consultation to see if my program is a good fit for you. Book here.

Dr. Lydia

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