Pickering Naturopath Dr. Lydia Thurton – Weight loss, digestion, hormonal health

February 2018

Welcome to my website!

Naturopathic medicine fills in gaps that we have in our health care system. For example:

  1. Many women suffer monthly with period cramps and have to take birth control pills to control the pain. Naturopathic medicine offers hormone balancing solutions that get at the root of the problem (usually estrogen dominance).
  2. Gas, bloating, nausea, heartburn – many digestive concerns, including IBS, are not well treated in the traditional medical model. Your digestion is a process with a lot of moving parts; naturopathic medicine can determine the weak link in the chain and correct it for lasting digestive relief.
  3. WEIGHT LOSS – calorie cutting, crash diets and grueling workouts are not the answer for lasting weight loss. Losing weight can feel easy when you know when and what to eat. I’ve worked on my weight loss program, EVOLVE 2.0, for YEARS to find that sweet spot where you see results without suffering through yet another diet.

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Dr. Lydia ND