My breakout/breakdown


Me with acne



Two weeks ago I woke up like any other morning, checked out my slightly puffy morning face in the mirror and realized my skin had literally exploded. Like a pepperoni pizza on steroids my skin was covered in acne. Immediately I sprung into naturopathic investigation mode. Why oh why was I reverting back to pubescent days needing clearasil and astringent?


I went through all of the stages of grief. Initially denying the acne, insisting instead that I’m due for a visit to the optometrist. Later, irrationally angry at my boyfriend as though he had cursed me to a life of having temperamental skin.  Then I began bargaining with my hormones, promising months of Estro-smart in return for my smooth skin back. Eventually, depression set in. No art gallery openings (which I normally love), I was decidedly going to hole up with Netflix and vietnamese food until my pocks cleared. Until today, when acceptance finally kicked in and I decided to write this blog.


I thought I’d share 5 things I’m doing to help my skin.


1) I made this crazy mask out of Dermatologica oatmeal and a probiotic. I’ve convinced myself the bacteria on my face are my mortal enemies and I’m going to out number them with beneficial bacteria.


2) Double dosing Estro-smart. I know my hormones colluded with my face bacteria to stab me in the back.. er face.


Estrosmart bottle



3) Guzzle H2O.


4) Using a good old stingy astringent to clear dirt from my pores along with my regular Tea Tree Oil Cleanser (from BN Naturals)


5) Microderm abrasion done by my friend Tea Dobbins. She has this amazing face scraper vacuum thing made out of diamond dust (not kidding).


As someone who works in a specific field of health where you are expected to look healthy, I felt like a failure. I felt embarrassed and I was never so thankful for the giant puff of curly hair that sprouts from my head as I was now using it to shield myself from imagined disapproving glances. Self-esteem is such a fragile thing, isn’t it?


Do you have skin woes? Tips and tricks for acne? Share below!


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  1. Nicole

    I unfortunately can totally relate! Hate when my temperamental skin lashes out because of hormones, name it. I usually do a gentile exfoliation and follow up with witch hazel. Maybe ill give some of your ideas a go next time.

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