Black Lives Matter: Black Women & Their Hormones

The political movement “Black Lives Matter” has been trying to highlight the differences in the way Black people are treated by law enforcement. In my day to day work I see a different racial disparity, one of health. Concerns that are unique to Black people are not as well researched or treated. Nowhere is this more obvious to me than Black females and their hormonal health. Years of painful periods culminate in hysterectomies all too often. The underlying cause of hormonal imbalance is not well addressed and rarely named. Estrogen dominance is the problem and it affects Black women in record numbers unbeknownst to them. Read More

What to do When Your Doctor Won’t Listen to You

In family and friend relationships, not being heard is frustrating and hurtful. In a medical setting it can be life threatening. This week a number of patients found their way to my office because they felt that they weren’t being treated with respect in our public health care system. They had concerns about their body, energy, appearance that were being written off as minor. One patient actually had Lyme disease for years but was improperly diagnosed leading to a life threatening bout of depression. I never want any of my patients to suffer without getting the care they deserve. Here’s what to do when you have a problem that’s falling on a physician’s deaf ears. Read More

Why I LOVE Helping Women Lose Weight!

A woman and her weight. Has there ever been a more tumultuous relationship? Before beginning my EVOLVE program I didn’t realize that it was common for a woman to think about her weight every single day, and sometimes multiple times per day. And for a select few women it was in the back of their mind almost all day. Read More

My breakout/breakdown

Two weeks ago I woke up like any other morning, checked out my slightly puffy morning face in the mirror and realized my skin had literally exploded. Like a pepperoni pizza on steroids my skin was covered in acne. Immediately I sprung into naturopathic investigation mode. Why oh why was I reverting back to pubescent days needing clearasil and astringent? Read More

The Calcium Conundrum

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body. The majority, 99% of it, is found in bone. The remaining 1% has the important job of regulating the relaxation of our blood vessels, helping us secrete insulin and assisting with muscle contraction. All vital to our well being! Read More