Why I LOVE Helping Women Lose Weight!


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A woman and her weight. Has there ever been a more tumultuous relationship? Before beginning my EVOLVE program I didn’t realize that it was common for a woman to think about her weight every single day, and sometimes multiple times per day. And for a select few women it was in the back of their mind almost all day.



Let’s talk about the modern woman. Whether single, attached, with children, without, working or not, the modern female is incredibly busy. With a plethora¬†of things to think about and do and create and decide upon. Least of which should be the ever-upsetting thought of a midsection roll or jiggly arms that don’t look anything like Michelle Obama’s. Doesn’t she have great arms?




Michelle Obama looking buff



But alas, here we are. We have beautiful, busy, smart, active, caring, involved women spending significant portions of time thinking about how fat they feel. This goes for women of all sizes. Seriously, size 10 women are only marginally more pleased with their weight than women than wearing size 18. One’s perception of their weight is incredibly personal and subjective.



However, one fact remains, when I can help a woman get her weight down to a comfortable level she is able to free her mind to think about other things. And being a pro-female kind of naturopath, I love that idea. I adore the idea of a woman confidently getting dressed in the morning, tackling her day with zest and enthusiasm. Without even a passing thought to how big/bloated/fat/rollypolly/extra-large she feels. It’s awesome. And i’m sure it’s why we haven’t found the answer to life’s great mysteries. That genius of a woman is currently upset that wearing pantyhose makes her feel like a sausage. And that’s just not okay in my books.


In closing, EVOLVE isn’t about getting skinny. I believe in health at any size. EVOLVE is about reaching your goal weight so that you can move on with your life. Fit, healthy, happy and with a clear mind to solve some of life’s great mysteries.


Be well,


Dr. Lydia


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