10 Reasons Why You’re Bloated & How to Fix it

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First things first – answer these questions to know if you’re bloated.

Do you frequently have to undo your pants after eating?

Do you feel like you gain weight throughout the course of a day?

Is your belly hard and/or gassy and/or crampy?

If yes, these might be the reasons why…

  1. You don’t chew your food – Take a chill pill when you eat. Start chewing.
  2. You don’t produce enough stomach acid – Take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or bitters before you eat. Stop taking zantac, TUMS, and antacids. They aren’t good for you and they won’t solve your problem.
  3. Your body sucks at making digestive enzymes to break down food – Take enzymes. Especially if you are an older adult. Enzyme production plummets as we age.
  4. You’re eating a food that your body doesn’t like, creating inflammation – Get help to figure out what the offending food is.
  5. You eat a crap load of fibre or beans – Good for you. Get an enzyme that breaks down fibre.
  6. You’re stressed to the high heavens and it’s taking a toll on your nervous system – GET. HELP. TALK TO A PROFESSIONAL. STOP THE MADNESS.
  7. You eat frankenfood – Eat real food. If you don’t know how, find someone to help you figure it out.
  8. You have a serious digestive disease like Ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s Disease – get nutrition help and a gastroenterologist and regular colonoscopies. Get to know your body. Get a health team in place.
  9. You have funky bacteria in your large intestine – Take a probiotic.
  10. You have funky bacteria in your small intestine – Don’t take a probiotic. Follow a specific carbohydrate diet. I can help you figure that one out. This is called S.I.B.O.

Need more guidance? Come and see me.

Dr. Lydia

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