When Natural Medicine Just Won’t Work

Sometimes I disappoint my patients. There are times when patients come to me because they want to use natural medicine to heal themselves and I have to be honest and tell them it just isn’t going to work. This is especially prevalent in my Caribbean patient population. They recall a great-auntie that had a bush tea that could cure anything. It’s a big letdown when I refer them back to their doctor for pills or surgery. Read More

What to do When Your Doctor Won’t Listen to You

In family and friend relationships, not being heard is frustrating and hurtful. In a medical setting it can be life threatening. This week a number of patients found their way to my office because they felt that they weren’t being treated with respect in our public health care system. They had concerns about their body, energy, appearance that were being written off as minor. One patient actually had Lyme disease for years but was improperly diagnosed leading to a life threatening bout of depression. I never want any of my patients to suffer without getting the care they deserve. Here’s what to do when you have a problem that’s falling on a physician’s deaf ears. Read More